Brand Inspiration

The brand founder had been experiencing a tough period before 2019.  In the end of 2018, he occasionally met a newborn motherless stray dog through a friend. Mostly out of sympathy, he brought the dog home. All began to get better after this occasional adoption, his temper, mind, and job, etc. In 2021, he adopted one stray cat. Unbelievably, the cat and the dog have been getting on remarkably well together. He thinks them the gifts God sent to him. Inspired by the two experiences, he decided to do something for cats and dogs. In 2022, he set up the brand Jolo Island to serve for both homebred and homeless cats and dogs.

Jolo Island promises to provide qualified and practical supplies. We have two experienced big factories behind.

For homebred pets

Jolo Island manages to make pet feeding easier. Those noble souls should not be bothered by the inconveniences brought by hairy babies.
For pet owners
Jolo Island will bring specially structured outside houses, oral vaccine and charitable donations to them. Every life shall be treated gently, especially homeless cats and dogs.

For homeless pets

Room 602, Building 3, Highjoy Center, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, China