This cat toilet frees owner’s hands completely. It sends cat littel balls or stools to the bag in the toilet’s back automatically after cat defecates. In addition, it has a UV system for sterilization to prevent infectious diseases.

This food feeder never gets jams thanks to its 14mm diameter food outlet. Owners can record their unique voice to call pets to dine regularly. It has a 4.2L food tank which supports many days’ automatic feeding. It keeps pets from hungry during owners’ short journey. In addition, it works by both charging and dry battery. Even though there happens power cut, it works as normal.
This pet fountain has 5 layers of water filtration and purification system. Its 2.2L water tank is separated from the circuit board base, which makes adding water much more convenient. In addition, owners could see how much water it has through the window in the fountain, by which owners know when to add water.
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